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Nakajima Ki-43 Oscar
Listing by uniit and manufacture number

List by Manufacture Number
Model I
Ki-43 239  abandoned Malahang Airfield
Ki-43 493  abandoned Munda Airfield
Ki-43 569  abandoned Madang Airfield
Ki-43 572  disabled at Ballale Airfield
Ki-43 653  crashed 1 mile southeast of Wau Airfield
Ki-43 700  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-43 726  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-43 750  abandoned Vunakanau, captured by Australians, AWM / Alpine Fighter / Paul Allen
Ki-43 776  abandoned Cape Gloucester Airfield
Ki-43 807  crashed five miles SE of Wau
Ki-43 1001  built October 1942. Assessed unserviceable at Hansa Bay August 24, 1943
Ki-43 4700  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield noted by Darby
Ki-43 Dugau  abandoned at Dugau near Dagua Airfield
Ki-43 Malasanga  crashed Malasanga
Ki-43 Sato  crashed February 6, 1943 near Wau
Ki-43 Yoshitake  shot down December 26, 1942
Model II
Ki-43 4700  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-43 5106  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield
Ki-43 5122  abandoned Madang Airfield
Ki-43 5178  crashed July 11, 1943 near Hote
Ki-43 5304  crashed Wallis Island
Ki-43 5419  abandoned Madang Airfield
Ki-43 5465  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield, salvaged 1984 displayed AWM
Ki-43 5572  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-43 5593  abandoned Madang Airfield
Ki-43 5653  force landed January 22, 1944, surveyed Long Island
Ki-43 5725  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield noted by Charles Darby
Ki-43 5802  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-43 5806  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield (Danip)
Ki-43 5807  destroyed January 24, 1944 at Momote Airfield
Ki-43 5843  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-43 5894  captured Hollandia, repaired by 80 FS
Ki-43 5927  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield (Danip)
Ki-43 5946  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-43 6023  noted by Charles Darby
Ki-43 5965  abandoned Alexishafen Airfield (Danip)
Ki-43 6268  crashed near Eitel Frederick Harbor and the Dibor River
Ki-43 6430  captured Hollandia, repaired by 80 FS, displayed EAA and Museum of Flight
Ki-43 Danip Bomb  abandoned Danip Airfield (Alexishafen)
Ki-43 Danip Shell  abandoned Danip Airfield (Alexishafen)
Ki-43-II Clark Field  displayed at Clark Field mounted on a pole, scrapped
Ki-43-II IAFM  recovered from Babo Airfield, displayed IAFM
Ki-43-II Nubia  abandoned Nubia Airfield upside down
Ki-43 Tail -35  displayed at San Roque Airfield (Moret Field)

Other Known Wrecks & Displays
Ki-43 Lakunai Airfield  abandoned Lakunai Airfield
Ki-43 Wewak  displayed at PNG Museum till 2000-2001
Ki-43 Sauri  crashed near Sauri
Ki-43 Vunakanau  displayed at Tobera Airfield
Ki-43 Saidor  crashed west of Saidor
Ki-43 Biak  crashed Biak Island
Ki-43 Biak 2  crashed Biak Island
Ki-43 Biak 3  crashed Biak Island

Replica Aircraft
Ki-43 15267  displayed at Museum of Flight
Ki-43 15344  displayed at Tillamook Air Museum

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