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by Joseph G. Nason
Pacific Rim Press  1987
264 pages
Index, photos
ISBN 0930926110

Language: English

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Horio You Next Die!

This book tells the story of US Navy pilot, Lt. Joseph G. Nason. On October 23, 1943 flying his first combat mission, flying SBD-3 Dauntless 03359 from Munda Airfield, he was shot down over Keita on a dive bombing mission on October 23, 1943.

Captured by the Japanese, he was first interned at Keita then transported in a Daihatsu landing barge over several days northward to Buka. There, he met William Welles, who had been shot down piloting F6F Hellcat 08884 and had also been taken prisoner. Together, the two were transported aboard a destroyer to Rabaul

Detained by the Japanese Army Kempei-tai (military police). at the POW Prison at Rabaul. In the prison, he meets other American prisoners including Jose Holguin.

During his captivity, Nason was subjected to harsh treatment and neglect. He was even used by the Japanese in a malaria medical experiment.

Although sick, suffering from malnutrition and beri-beri, Nason was one of only a handful to survived the war. Liberated in September 1945, when the first Australian ship arrived at Rabaul.

His story is a profile of the men he was interned with, and the many who did not survive the brutal captivity and neglect.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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