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Peter Flahvin
Guadalcanal Visitor & Historian

Peter Flahavin - BonegiPeter Flahvin has been into military history since his earliest day: reading, models and then into militaria. He has made four trips to Guadalcanal and two to Nauru. Guadalcanal has the feel of history still - and a bucket of sweat in every photo! Peter authored an article on Guadalancal for After The Battle Issue 108, May 2000. He maintains Guadalcanal Battle Sites Today.

Henderson Field
Henderson - Kitano Construction
Ilu River Battlefield (Tenaru, Alligator Creek)
Edison's Ridge
Poha River
Mount Austen / Gifu
Matanikau River
Point Cruz

Thin Red Line: Exton and Sims Ridges
Bunani Point / Kyusyu Maru
Bonegi River / Kinugawa Maru
Tetere Beach / Alligator Dump
Tambea Beach / Zero
Red Beach

Lela Beach
Lunga Point
Kukum Beach

Betikama 7th Day Adventist Mission
Vilu War Museum

Guadalcanal Relics

Travel Notes
Guadalcanal - January 1998
Guadalcanal - January 1999

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