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Robert Greinert
Recovery & Restoration of Warbirds

Click For EnlargementAustralian salvager, restorer, and warbird owner. One of the co-founders of Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS). He had an aircraft recovery permit from Papua New Guinea National Museum (1999 - 2006) and was working to re-restore several of their aircraft: (P-38F 42-12647 and Ki-61 640). Also, to restoring P-47D 4208066 for himself. Greinert has written for Classic Wings Magazine and often posts on the WIX forum as "Jungle Bob". Read his interview with Pacific Wrecks, April 2006.

Restoration Projects

P-47D Thunderbolt 42-27608
Recovered from Popondetta in 2000 being used as a pattern for P-47 42-27608

P-47D "Carter's Li'l Pill" 42-8066
Being restored to fly by Greinert

Recovered Aircraft

P-47D Thunderbolt 42-22687
Pilot Lutes is still listed as MIA. Greinert's interview about its salvage

P-40E Kittyhawk A29-43
Pieces of wreckage recovered in 2003, used as the basis for a new aircraft's identity

P-38G "Dumbo!" 42-12847
Recovered in 2002 from Terapo

P-40N "Come in Suckers" A29-414
Recovered from Tadji in 2001

P-40K "Swing It" 42-45981
Recovered from Oro Province in 2000, donated to PIMA Museum 2002

P-40K Warhawk A29-183
Recovered from Goodenough Island in 1990s, aquired Graham Orphan

Recovered Aircraft Funde by Others

B-17E Flying Fortress 41-2446 (aka 'The Swamp Ghost')
Re-issue of permits for salvage by Hagen in May 2006

P-40N Warhawk 42-104977
Recovered February 2005 with Murry Griffith / Precision Aerospace

P-40N Warhawk 42-104986
Recovered Sinap in 2004 with Murry Griffith / Precision Aerospace

P-40E "The Spoddessape" 41-25178
Recovered in November 2003 with Jason Cockayne

P-38H Lightining 42-66534
Recovered by Robert Jarrett, using the Robert Greinert / HARS salvage permit

P-40F Warhawk 41-14205
Recovered from Vanuatu in 1989 with Ian Whitney

P-40F "Bone Crusher" 41-14112
Recovered from Vanuatu in 1989 with Ian Whitney

Beaufighter A19-148
Recovered from Drysdale with Dennis Baxter in 1981

Beaufighter A19-144
Recovered from Drysdale with Dennis Baxter in 1981

Partial Recoveries

P-38H "Japanese Sandman II" 42-66905
Tail and booms recovered in late 2000

P-39F Airacobra 41-7191
Pilot listed as MIA, probably bailed out of aircraft. Tail section recovered in 2001

Beaufort A9-622
Tail section recovered in 2000

Beaufort A9-637
Recovered parts and rudder for AWM

Aircraft exported from the PNG Museum
From PNG Museum, Port Moresby

P-39D Airacoba 41-38351
Tail section removed from the museum circa 2001

F-5A 42-13084
Tail section removed from the museum circa 2001

| P-40E 41-36166 | Ki-61 Tony 299 | Ki-61 Tony 640 | P-47D "Frankie" 42-8130

Aircraft salvaged From PNG, later donated or traded to other museums

P-47D "Fiery Ginger IV" 42-22668
Tail section and machine gun salvaged and donated to USAFM Museum

Lockheed Hudson A16-36
Tail section salvaged and donated to AWM

P-40K "Swing It" 42-45981
Salvaged and donated to PIMA Aviation Museum

Uncompleted restoration projects for the PNG Museum

Ki-61 Tony 640
Removed from PNG Museum July 29, 2004 exported to Australia under restoration at Precision Aerospace, sold to Gerald Yeagn

P-38F Lightning 42-12647
Parts removed from PNG Museum during 2001 and 2003 parts at Precision Aerospace

Joint Ventures

CA-3 Wirraway A20-99
HARS joint venture between Eric Lundberg, Robert Greinert, Jay Lazarus, Jack Smid, Bill Smith, Jason Cockayne

Jungle Bob - Robert Greinert personal website
Australian Governement ABN 93 103 235 892 - HISTORIC AIRCRAFT RESTORATIONS PTY LIMITED
PNG IPA Historic Aircraft Restorations Ltd (1-54982) registered October 24, 2005 de-registered May 30, 2008

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