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Coastwatchers Lookout
Atop one of the surrounding ridge lines is the Coastwatchers Memorial Lookout. The commanding views offer superb views of the harbor, volcanoes and Duke of York Islands. This volcano is the inactive "mother" volcano.

Underground Bunker and Tunnel System
There are several reinforced concrete entrances to another massive underground bunker system honeycombed in the ridge. Never completely explored, locals often find caches of armaments, aircraft parts, radio rooms, and underground bunkers. Villagers sometime use the old bunker entrances as outhouses. There was no evidence of bomb damage here, and in discussion it was probably more likely that the highest Japanese officers would have spent their time here, rather than in town where there dangers of bombing were greater.

Japanese Armaments
A triple mount 25mm Anti-Aircraft gun is displayed here. Around the command post area are several guns and munitions. A pair of 75mm Anti-Aircraft Guns Type 88 flank the approaching road. Also, there are several smaller caliber Anti-Tank guns (possibly captured from Australian forces) and a propeller.

Naval Artillery
A Naval Gun points in the direction of the Malumanu (Coastwatchers Hill). On the breach of the gun, the Naval Anchor is clearly visible.

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