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CILHI excivation
Tail Section
NA-4 Bomb Shackle

PBJ-1 Tail Section

Violent Impact Area
The Remains of the the B-25's twin tail stabilizers is the only wreckage located at the second impact point, the rest is buried deep underground or badly fragmented. The fact that this wreckage is so far from the other wreckage gives chilling testimony to the high speed of the crash.

CILHI Investigation
The US Army's Investigation dug this exploration pit in the area where the cockpit was believed to impact. It was in this area where the remains of the crew members were discovered. Red tape and the square pit from their excavation work still remains months after they departed.

Tail Section
The twin tail stabilizers of the B-25 are the only easily identifiably pieces of wreckage. Some rectangular squares of aluminum are missing, from villagers who used the wreck for scrap.

Relics of the Crash and Japanese Camp
The piece of metal to the left had a manufacturer's plate and numbers on it. The bottle to the right is a Nippon Beer Bottle, a relic from the Japanese camp in this area discovered not far from the wreckage.

NA-4 Bomb Shackle
(NA - Navy / Army) bomb shackle which could hang anything up to a 500 pounder. the two hooks in the middle are the hang rings for the ordnance.

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