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  Type A Midget Submarine (Cape Esperence 1943)
Type A
Kō-hyōteki kō-gata

46 Tons (surfaced)
47 Tons (submerged)
78.5' x 6' x 10.2'
2 x Type 97 torpedo
140kg scuttling charge
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USN July 17, 1943

Submarine History
The identity of this Type A Midget Submarine is unknown, it is either HA-8, HA-10 or HA-30. Built by Karasukojima Naval Armory. Delivered to the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN).

Sinking History
On November 11, 1942 (HA-30) or November 28, 1942 (HA-10) or December 2, 1942 (HA-8) sunk or scuttled in shallow water near Cape Esperence off Guadalcanal.

On May 7, 1943 USS Ortolan (ASR-5) located this submarine in shallow water near Cape Esperence off Guadalcanal. Visible from the surface, divers J. W. Crawford, Douglas R. Kemp and Lt. F. X. Sommer removed the batteries and on July 17, 1943 the hull rose to the surface. Inside the hull were the bodies of both crew and documents in the engine room. If this submarine had two bodies aboard, it was likely HA-10 Type A Midget Submarine missing November 28, 1942. Afterwards, the submarine was towed to Kukum then transported by USS Ortolan (ASR-5) to Nouméa then transported to the United States where it was used to raise funds for war bonds.

Likely, this submarine is the Type A Midget Submarine displayed at Submarine Force Museum. At the museum, this submarine has always been labeled as HA-8. Other sources identify it as either HA-10 or HA-30. This is one of four Type A midget submarines displayed worldwide.

Combined Fleet - Midget Submarines in the Solomon Islands 1942
Historic Naval Ship Association - Japanese HA-8 via Wayback Machine April 28, 2012
"Locally, this submarine has always been labeled as HA-8. Some sources identify the midget as the HA-8, others the HA-10 and still others the HA-30. It came to the SUBASE Groton as part of a country war bond effort in 1943-1944 and has remained in Groton ever since. It is one of four such Type A midgets on display in the world."

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