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  USS Kete SS-369
Gato Class Submarine

1,526 Tons (surfaced)
2,424 Tons (submerged)
307' x 27.3' x 19.3'
10 × 21" torpedo tubes
(6 fwd, 4 aft)
with 24 torpedoes
1 x 3" deck gun
2 × .50cal MG
2 × 30cal MG

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First War Patrol
Kete patroled in the East China Sea, but encountered no enemy targets.

Second War Patrol
On March 1, 1945, departed Guam under the command of Lt. Cmdr. Edward Ackerman to patrol the vicinity of the Nansei Shoto Island Chain. In addition to patrolling, Kete was ordered to submit special weather reports, and to perform lifeguard duties for US Navy aircraft performing air strikes.

On the night of March 10, 1945, KETE reported having sunk three medium sized freighters on the previous night. She reported on the night of March 14th that she had fired four torpedoes which missed a small enemy cable laying vessel, and that she had only three torpedoes remaining aboard. In view of the small number of torpedoes left, on March 19, Kete was ordered to depart the area on March 20, to refueling at Midway then to Pearl Harbor to refit.

Sinking History
On March 20, 1945 she sent a special weather report. This was the last message received from the submarine. At normal cruising speed, she should have arrived at Midway March 31. When she was neither sighted nor heard from by April 16, she was presumed lost.
She is credited with sinking three medium freighters, totaling 12,000 tons, during the last patrol.

Kete is considered a probable loss due to an unreported enemy attack. Precisely how or when she was lost is unknown. There were mines in the Nansei Shoto Chain but, since Kete was already east of the islands at the time of her last message. Japanese records concerning anti-submarine attacks do not reveal Kete's fate. None of their attacks against U.S. submarines during March 20 - 31 were in the vicinity of Kete's position.

Several enemy submarines were in the area Kete would pass enroute to Midway. On March 23, 1945 RO-41 was sunk east of Okinawa by a destroyer. Two other Japanese submarines were sunk southeast of Okinawa around this date. Possibly, one of these submarines might have torpedoed and sunk Kete, but was unable to make a report the before their own sinking. Kete is considered a probable loss due to an unreported enemy attack.

Crew lost aboard USS Kete:

Abts, L. A. EM1
Ackerman, E. LCDR
Adams, J. C., Jr. LTJG
Apking, J. D. FC3
Bergadine, D. L. MOMM3
Blodgett, L. E. S1
Braniger, F. W. CMOMM
Brooks, C. QM2
Burnside, W. H., Jr. LTJG
Callahan, P. C. F1
Cobrin, B. EM3
Cole, H. M. RM3
Cooper, E. EM2
Crowley, R. W. RM2
Crutchfield, C. R., Jr. LTJG
Dawson, W. H. CK3
Deininger, F. R. F1
Derrah, H. W. Y1
Dietrich, H. O. CCS
Dortche, C. F. STM1
Drake, D. L. LT
Dul, W. TM3
Efferson, M. L. S1
Egen, D. P. S1
Fenton, D. G. LTJG
French, H. CMOMM
Friesen, B. CMOMM
Fuller, R. S. MOMM3
Glynn, J. F., Jr. S1
Griswold, F. J. S1
Gunzinger, J. H. RT1
Gwinn, E. E., Jr. EM3
Haag, B. H. ENS
Hart, R. A. S1
Hartbank, G. E. MOMM3
Hayden, P. O. TM1
Henderson, E. COX
Hines, J. L. TM2
Holshouser, J. R. CTM
Hooper, S. L. RM3
Katz, A. J. EM2
Kelly, N. W. EM3
Kensler, E. N. TM3
Kotelman, W. E. RM3
Kraut, R. P. EM2
Laister, J. L. MOMM3
Litzenburger, F., Jr. GM3
Logsdon, E. BKR1
Lowery, B. B. MOMM2
Lynn, C. W., Jr. MOMM2
Malko, G. R. S1
Marsico, A. T. F1
Martini, F. CSM
McLendon, B. E. MOMM2
Messenger, G. R. S1
Moccabee, S. A. SC2
Moore, C. L. S1
Morrison, H. F. MOMM1
Newton, A. V. MOMM1
O'Brien, J. A. CMBA
O'Connor, M. A. EM3
Page, G. T. MOMM1
Peterson, C. J. S1
Piper, I. V. MOMM2
Price, G. O. MOMM2
Pushee, D. C. QM3
Racer, R. R. S1
Reimers, F. F. LT
Richards, F. A. GM1
Schemm, G. J. QM3
Schenavar, M. D. MOMM2
Schumacher, P. F. EM1
Simpson, O. H. CPRMA
Snyder, J. I. EM2
Spikes, R. H. LT
Starr, J. G., Jr. MOMM1
Thomas, F. L., Jr. CRM
Thompson, G. R. S1
Thoprn, K. GM3
Van Dam, P. C. TM2
Villalba, S. H. F1
Waggoner, J. S. CEM
Wallick, R. A. TM2
Walling, F. S. TM2
Westphall, J. A. LT
Wilson, G. W. TM1
Woodward, G. I. RT2

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