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U. S. Navy (USN) ships used in World War II Pacific and Korean War
Sinking date shown for losses, some ships appear twice if converted

Ammunition Ship (AE)
USS Mount Hood AE-11  sunk November 10, 1944

Auxiliary General Environmental Research (AGER)
USS Pueblo AGER-2 (FP-344, FS-344, AKL-44)  captured January 23, 1968 dipslayed North Korea

Survey Vessel (AGS/OSS)
USS Pathfinder (AGS-1/OSS 30)  scrapped 1972

Cargo Ship (AK)
USS Celeno AK-76
USS Serpens AK-97  sunk January 29, 1945

Floating Dry Docks (ABSD)
AFDB-2 (ABSD-2) Floating Dry Dock
AFDB-4 (ABSD-4) Floating Dry Dock

Floating Crane
Floating Crane

Fleet Oiler (AO)
USS Kanawha (AO-1) sunk April 7, 1943
USS Neosho (AO-23) Scuttled May 11, 1942
USS Sangamon (AO-28) Converted to aircraft carrier AVG-26 (later CVE-26) February 1942
USS Mississinewa (AO-59) sunk November 20, 1944

Attack Transport (APA)
USS John Penn APA-23 (AP-51) sunk August 13, 1944
USS Elmore APA-42  scrapped circa April 1971

Minelayer/Minesweeper (AM)
USS Ogala (CM-4)  December 7, 191 sunk, later raised and repaired
USS Penguin (AM-33)  scuttled December 8, 1941

Repair Ship (AR)
USS Vestal (AR-4)
USS Ortolan (ASR-5)
USS Sperry (AS-12)  sold for scrapping 2011

Rescue and Salvage Vessel (ARS)
USS Shackle (ARS-9) / USCGC Acushnet (WMEC-167/WAGO-167/WAT-167)
USS Safeguard (ARS-50 / USNS Safeguard (T-ARS-50)
USS Grasp (ARS-51) / USNS Grasp (T-ARS-51)
USS Salvor (ARS-52) / USNS Salvor (T-ARS-52)
USS Grapple (T-ARS-53) / USNS Grapple (T-ARS-53)

Submarine (SS)

Submarine Tender (AS)
USS Holland (AS-3)
USS Fulton (AS-11)

Fleet Tug (AT) / Harbor Tug (YT)
USS Conestoga AT-54 / SP-1128  sunk March 21, 1921 discovered 2009, identified 2016
USS Seminole (AT-65)  sunk October 25, 1942
USS Cocopa (ATF-101, ARM Seri, RE-03)  still in use as of 2009
USS Sotoyomo (YT-9)  December 7, 1941 sunk but later raised and repaired

Battleship (BB)
USS Utah BB-31 / AG-16 sunk December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor
USS New York BB-34  sunk July 8, 1948
USS Texas BB-35  displayed at the Battleship Texas State Historic Site in LaPorte, TX
USS Nevada BB-36  sunk July 31, 1948
USS Oklahoma BB-37
USS Arizona BB-39
USS Mississippi BB-41
USS California BB-44
USS Colorado BB-45  scrapped July 1959
USS Maryland BB-46
USS West Virginia BB-48
USS North Carolina BB-55  displayed Wilmington, NC
USS South Dakota BB-57
USS Indiana BB-58
USS Massachusetts BB-59
USS Alabama BB-60  displayed at Mobile, AL
USS Iowa BB-61
USS New Jersey BB-62  displayed at Camden, NJ
USS Missouri BB-63  displayed at Pearl Harbor, HI
USS Wisconsin BB-64  displayed at the Battleship Museum USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia

Cruiser / Armored Crusier / Protected Cruiser
USS Baltimore (C-3, CM-1)  scuttled September 22, 1944 discovered September 2017 by Okeanos Explorer in the Musicians Seamounts
USS Rochester (CA-2 USS New York ACR-2, USS Saratoga ACR-2)  scuttled December 1941
USS Olympia (CA-6 CA-15, CL-15, IX-40)   displayed Philadelphia, PA

Heavy Cruiser (CA)
USS Pensacola (CA-24)  sunk November 10, 1948
USS Salt Lake City (CA-25)
USS Northampton (CL-26 / CA-26) sunk December 1, 1942
USS Chester CA-27  scrapped 1959
USS Louisville (CA-28, CL-28)  scrapped 1959
USS Chicago (CA-29, CL-29) sunk January 30, 1943 Battle Of Rennell Island
USS Houston (CA-30) sunk February 28, 1942
USS Augusta (CA-31)  scrapped 1960
USS New Orleans (CA-32)  scrapped 1959
USS Portland (CA-33) scrapped 1959
USS Astoria (CA-34) sunk August 9, 1942
USS Indianapolis (CA-35) sunk July 30, 1945
USS Minneapolis (CA-36)  scrapped July 1960
USS San Francisco (CA-38)  scrapped May 1961
USS Quincy (CA-39) sunk August 9, 1942
USS Baltimore (CA-68)  scrapped 1972
USS Canberra (CA-70, CAG-2)  scrapped 1980

Light Cruiser (CL)
USS Raleigh (CL-7) December 7, 1941 heavily damaged but repaired
USS Detroit (CL-8)  scrapped February 1946
USS Nashville (CL-43, Capitán Prat CL-03, Chacabuco)  scrapped 1985
USS Honolulu (CL-48)  sunk January 29, 1943 Battle Of Rennell Island
USS St. Louis (CL-49)  sunk August 24, 1980
USS Helena (CL-50)  sunk July 5-6, 1943
USS Atlanta (CL-51)  sunk November 12-13, 1942
USS San Diego (CL-53)  scrapped December 1960
USS Montpelier (CL-57)  scrapped 1960
USS Denver (CL-58)  scrapped 1960

Aircraft Carrier (CV)
USS Langley (CV-1, AV-3) Scuttled February 27, 1942
USS Lexington (CV-2)  sunk May 8, 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea
USS Saratoga CV-3 *
USS Ranger CV-4  scrapped 1947
USS Yorktown CV-5 sunk June 7, 1942
USS Enterprise CV-6
USS Wasp (CV-7)  sunk September 15, 1942 *
USS Hornet CV-8 *
USS Essex CV-9 (CVA-9 / CVS-9)  scrapped 1975
USS Yorktwon CV-10 *
USS Intrepid CV-11 (CVA-11 and CVS-11) *
USS Hornet CV-12 *
USS Franklin CV-13
USS Ticonderoga CV-14 scrapped 1974
USS Randolph CV-15  scrapped 1975
USS Lexington CV-16  displayed at Corpus Christi, TX
USS Bunker Hill CV-17  scrapped 1973
USS Wasp CV-18  scrapped 1973
USS Hancock CV-19 scrapped 1976
USS Bennington CV-20 scrapped 1994
USS Boxer CV-21  scrapped 1971
USS Independence CV-22 (CVL-22)  scuttled 1951
USS Princeton CV-23 (CVL-23)  sunk October 24, 1944 *
USS Belleau Wood CV-24 (CVL-24)
  transfered to the French Navy then returned 1960, scrapped 1960
USS Cowpens CV-25 (CVL-25, AVT-1)  scrapped 1960
USS Monterey CV-26 (CVL-26)  scrapped May 1971
USS Langley CV-27 (CVL-27)  scrapped 1964
USS Cabot CV-28 (CVL-28)  scrapped 2002
USS Bataan CV-29 (CVL-29)  scrapped 1961
USS San Jacinto CV-30 (CVL-30)  scrapped 1971
USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31  scrapped 1992
USS Leyte CV-32 (CVA-32, CVS-32, AVT-10)
 scrapped 1970
USS Shangri-La CV-38  scrapped August 9, 1988
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CV-42  scrapped 1978

Escort Carrier (CVE)
USS Long Island CVE-1  scrapped 1977
USS Copahee CVE-12  scrapped 1961
USS Nassau CVE-16  scrapped 1961
USS Barnes CVE-20  scrapped 1959
USS Breton CVE-23  scrapped 1972
USS Sangamon CVE-26  converted from oiler AO-28 during February 1942
USS Suwannee CVE-27  scrapped June 1962
USS Baffins CVE-35 (AVG-35, ACV-35, HMS Ameer)
USS Liscome Bay CVE-56  sunk November 24, 1943 *
USS Manila Bay CVE-61  scrapped 1959
USS Kalinin Bay CVE-68  scrapped 1946
USS Ommaney Bay CVE-79  sunk January 4, 1945
USS Gambier Bay CVE-93  sunk October 25, 1944 *
USS Kwajalein CVE-98  scrapped 1961
USS Gilbert Islands CVE-107  scrapped 1979

Light Aircraft Carrier (CVL)
USS Independence CVL-22 (CV-22)  scuttled 1951
USS Princeton CVL-23  sunk October 24, 1944 *
USS Belleau Wood CVL-24  transfered to the French Navy then returned 1960, scrapped 1960
USS Cowpens CVL-25 (CV-25, AVT-1)  scrapped 1960
USS Monterey CVL-26 (CV-26)  scrapped May 1971
USS Langley CVL-27  scrapped 1964
USS Cabot CVL-28  scrapped 2002
USS Bataan CVL-29  scrapped 1961
USS San Jacinto CVL-30  scrapped 1971

Destroyer, Destroyer Escort and High-Speed Transport (DD, DE, APD)
USS Manley DD-74
USS Little DD-79 (APD-4) sunk September 5, 1942
USS Gregory DD-82 (APD-3) sunk September 5, 1942
USS McKean DD-90
USS Gamble DD-123 / DM-15 *
USS Ward DD-139 sunk December 7, 1944
USS Elliot (DD-146)
USS Liddle DE-206 / APD-60
USS Southard (DD-207 / DMS-10)
USS Kephart DE-207, APD-61 (Kyong Puk PF-82)
USS Hovey DD-208 / DMS-11
USS Long DD-209
USS Edsall DD-219  sunk March 1, 1942
USS Pope DD-225  sunk March 1, 1942 *
USS Peary DD-226  sunk February 19, 1942
USS Ballard DD-267 (AVD-10)
USS Dale DD-290 (SS Masaya) sunk March 28, 1943
USS Osborne DD-295 (SS Matagalpa)  burned June 26, 1942, scuttled September 6, 1947
USS Perry DMS 17 (DD-340) sunk September 14, 1944 *
USS William B. Preston DD-344 (AVP-20 / AVD-7)  scrapped November 6, 1946
USS Macdonough (DD-351)  scrapped 1946
USS Worden (DD-352)  grounded January 12, 1943
USS Selfridge DD-357
USS Phelps DD-360  scrapped August 1947
USS Drayton DD-366  scrapped December 1946
USS Lamson DD-367  sunk July 1, 1946 during test "Able" atomic bomb
USS Reid DD-369
USS Case DD-370
USS Cassin DD-372  December 7, 1941 destroyed, parts salvaged
USS Shaw DD-373  December 7, 1941 heavy damage, scrapped July 1946
USS Downes DD-375  December 7, 1941 destroyed, parts salvaged and recomissioned, scrapped November 18, 1947
USS Cushing DD-376  sunk November 13, 1942 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
USS Perkins DD-377 sunk November 29, 1942 after collision with MV Duntroon
USS Preston DD-379 sunk November 14, 1942
USS Gridley DD-380
USS Bagley DD-386  scrapped September 8, 1947
USS Blue DD-387 sunk August 22, 1942 *
USS Helm (DD-388)  December 7, 191 light damage
USS Mugford DD-389 *
USS Henley DD-391 sunk October 3, 1943
USS Jarvis DD-393 sunk August 9, 1942
USS Ellet DD-398
USS McCall DD-400
USS Maury DD-401
USS Edmonds DE-406
USS Sterett  DD-407
USS Sims DD-409 sunk May 7, 1942
USS Anderson DD-411
USS USS Hammann DD-412 sunk June 6, 1942 by I-168 during the Battle of Midway
USS Mustin DD-413  scuttled April 18, 1948 by gunfire off Kwajalein
USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413  sunk October 25, 1944
USS Walke DD-416 sunk November 15, 1942
USS Gwin DD-433
USS Monssen DD-436 sunk November 13, 1942
USS Fletcher DD-445  scrapped 1972
USS Radford DD-446
USS Jenkins DD-447
USS Nicholas DD-449
USS O'Bannon DD-450
USS Laffey DD-459 sunk November 13, 1942
USS Woodworth DD-460
USS Saufley DD-465 sunk February 20, 1968
USS Strong DD-467 sunk July 5, 1943
USS De Haven DD-469 sunk February 1, 1943
USS Bache DD-470
USS Bennett DD-473
USS Emmons DD-475 / DMS-22 sunk April 6, 1945
USS Hutchins DD-476
USS Pringle DD-477  sunk April 1, 1945 *
USS Aaron Ward DD-483 sunk April 7, 1943
USS Buchanan DD-484  transfered to Turkey as TCG Gelibolu (D-346) scrapped 1976
USS Duncan DD-485 sunk October 12, 1942
USS Lansdowne DD-486
USS Lardner DD-487
USS Farenholt DD-491
USS Philip DD-498 (DDE-498) sunk February 2, 1972
USS Renshaw DD-499
USS Conway DD-507 sunk as target June 26, 1970
USS Brownson DD-518 sunk December 26, 1943
USS Daly DD-519
USS Abner Read DD-526
USS Bush DD-529 sunk April 6, 1945
USS Hoel DD-533 *
USS Lewis DE-535
USS Johnston DD-557 *
USS Barton DD-599 sunk November 13, 1942
USS Kalk DD-611  sunk March 1969 as target
USS England DE-635
USS Sigourney DD-643 scrapped July 31, 1975
USS Kidd DD-661
USS Gatling (DD-671)
USS Cooper DD-695 sunk December 3, 1944
USS Walke DD-723 scrapped 1975
USS Ebert DE-768  sunk July 2002
USS Henderson DD-785
USS Cassin Young DD-793
USS Basilone DD 824  sunk on April 9, 1982
USS Joseph P. Kennedy DD-850  displayed at Battleship Cove

FP-Type Freight and Cargo (FS)
FS-172  sunk July 1946
FS-177  sunk July 17, 1972

Landing Ship Medium (LSM)
LSM(R)-195  sunk on May 3, 1945

Landing Ship Tank (LST)
USS LST-169  scrapped circa 1947
USS LST-245  scrapped circa 1948
USS LST-340 (USS Spark, IX-196)  damaged June 16, 1943 repaired
USS LST-342  sunk July 18, 1943, bow beached at Florida Island
USS LST-353 
USS LST-454  scrapped 1947
USS LST-456 (Q043, USNS T-LST-456, MV Karkas, MV Bshair)  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS LST-480  sunk May 20, 1944 due to an ammunition explosion in West Lock
USS LST-577  sunk February 10, 1945 by a torpedo fired by RO-50
USS LST-711  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS LST-927  scrapped December 9, 1947
USS LST-974  ultimate fate unknown likely scrapped
USS LST-1110 (USS San Bernardion County, RPS Chung Chiang)  scrapped 1993

Liberty Ship (EC2-S-C1)
SS John W. Brown  docked Baltimore Harbor, Maryland operated by Project Liberty Ship
SS Russell H. Chittenden  ran aground March 13, 1945 and wrecked
SS Rufus King  ran aground July 7, 1942
SS Jeremiah O'Brien  docked at Pier 45 at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco The National Liberty Ship Memorial, Inc
SS Joseph Stanton  scrapped 1964
SS John L. Sullivan (YAG-37)  scrapped 1958

Minelayer & Minesweeper
USS Mahi  sunk February 1982
YMS-51  sunk April 29, 1945
YMS-329  sunk April 28, 1945
YMS-363  sunk May 1, 1945
YMS-364  sunk May 1, 1945
YMS-481  sunk May 1, 1945

Motor Gunboat (PGM)
USS PGM-7  sunk July 18, 1944

Motor Torpedo Boat Tender (PG, AGP)
USS Jamestown PG-55  scrapped December 16, 1946
USS Hilo PG-58 (AGP-2)  scrapped late 1940s

Motor Torpedo Boat (PT-Boat)
List of Pacific PT Boats

Seaplane Tender (AV, AVP, AVD)
USS Curtiss AV-4
USS Swan (AVP-7, AM-34)  scrapped 1946
USS Pocomoke (AV-9)
USS Casco (AVP-12)
USS Gillis (DD-260, AVD-12)
USS Mackinac AVP-13
USS Chincoteague (AVP-24)
USS Coos Bay (AVP-25)
USS Half Moon (AVP-26)
USS William B. Preston (DD-344 / AVP-20 / AVD-7)
USS Ballard (DD-267 / AVD-10)

USS Lanikai  sunk 1947 during typhoon

Transports & Cargo
SS Masaya (Formerly USS Dale DD-290)  sunk March 28, 1943
SS Matagalpa (Formally USS Osborne DD-295)  Burned June 26, 1942, scuttled September 6, 1947
USAT Liberty  sunk January 11, 1942
SS President Coolidge  sunk October 26, 1942 accidental collision with a mine
SS President Grant  grounded February 26, 1944
USS President Taylor (Granite State, President Polk)  Grounded February 14, 1942
SS Stanvac Manila  sunk May 24, 1943

Victory Ship
SS Lane Victory  docked San Pedro operated by US Merchant Marine Veterans of WWII

Fuel Barge Non Self-Propelled (YON)
Erskine M. Phelps (YON-147)  sunk April 7, 1943 later raised and salvaged

USS Isabel (PY-10)  scrapped March 1946

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