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Other Vessels
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American Vessels (SS)
SS Emidio  sunk December 20, 1941
SS Fort Lee  sunk November 2, 1944

British/Australian Vessels (HMS/SS)
Lock Katrine  sunk circa 1937
SS Pruth (Moresby Wreck)  sunk January 1924
SS Matunga (SS Zweena)  scuttled August 26, 1917
HMS Anhui (X-6)  used by the U. S. Army during 1942-1945 as a transport in Australia and New Guinea

Dutch Vessels (MS/SS)
MS Herstein  sunk January 20, 1942
s'Jacob  sunk March 8, 1943
SS Bantam  sunk March 28, 1943 later raised and towed to Sydney scuttled September 24, 1946
SS Bantam (II)  operated off Australia and New Guinea

Panama Vessels (SS)
SS Stanvac Manila  sunk May 24, 1943

Other Vessels
Coral Queen  sunk circa 1994 off Jais Aben Resort north of Madang
Henry Lieth  sunk off Jais Aben Resort north of Madang
Ninsa II  sunk north of Madang
Sepik Reliance sunk between Pig Island (Tab) and Massus Island north of Madang


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