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Sinking/scuttling date shown for losses

77' Elco
PT-31  scuttled January 20, 1942
PT-34  sunk April 9, 1942 by bombs dropped by F1M2 Petes
PT-35  scuttled April 12, 1942
PT-37  sunk February 1, 1943
PT-43  scuttled January 2, 1943
P-48 "Prep Tom / Deuce"  displayed at Fleet Obsolete
PT-59  sunk circa 1970
PT-60  ultimate fate unknown officially stricken April 21, 1944
PT-63  sunk due to accident June 18, 1944
PT-67  sunk March 17, 1943
PT-68  grounded/scuttled October 1, 1943
80' Elco
PT-107 "Black Magic"  sunk during refueling accident June 18, 1944
PT-109  captain J. F. Kennedy sunk August 2, 1943 two MIA , crew rescued
PT-111  sunk February 1, 1943 by destroyer Kawakaze
PT-113 "Green Banana / Zero Chaser"  grounded/abandoned August 8, 1943
PT-117  sunk August 1, 1943 by air attack off Lumbari Island
PT-121  sunk by friendly fire March 27, 1944
PT-122  destroyed October 28, 1945
PT-124 "Who Me?"
PT-130  scuttled October 28, 1945
PT-132 "Little Lulu"  
PT-133 "New Guinea Ferry"  captain Clagett sunk July 15, 1944 by shore battery
PT-153  scuttled July 4, 1943
PT-154  damaged off Shortland November 13-14,1943
PT-157 "Aces and Eights / Old Pickle Puss"  scuttled November 27, 1945
PT-158  scuttled July 5, 1943
PT-164  sunk by Japanese aircraft on August 1, 1943
PT-166  sunk by B-25 Mitchell October 20, 1943
PT-167  survived the war, scuttled November 11, 1945
PT-187 "Eight Ball"  scuttled November 24, 1945
PT-193 "Bitchin' Witch"  captain Taylor scuttled June 25, 1944
PT-305  restored by National World War II museum
PT-331  scuttled November 10, 1945
PT-346  sunk by friendly fire April 29, 1944
PT-347 "Zombie"  sunk by friendly fire April 29, 1944
PT-350 "Shifty-Fifty"  damaged by friendly fire April 29, 1944
PT-353  sunk by friendly fire March 27, 1943
PT-354  sold post war, fate unknown likely scrapped
PT-486  under restoration in the markings of PT-109
PT-615  displayed Fleet Obsolete
PT-617 "Dragon Lady / Big Red Cock"  displayed at PT Boat Museum / Battleship Cove
78' Higgins
PT-459  displayed Fleet Obsolete
PT-658  restored in 2005 by Save The PT-Boat
PT-796 "Tail Ender"  displayed at PT Boat Museum / Battleship Cove
70' Vosper
PT-724  restored, aquired by Liberty Aviation Museum
PT-728  restored, aquired by Liberty Aviation Museum

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