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by Maru
Maru  1999
300 pages
Japanese text photos
ISBN: 4-7698-0946-8
Cover Price: Y 2,600
Language: Japanese

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Zero Fighter

(Text and captions in Japanese) This book is a photographic history of the A6M Zero figher. The book is a photographic study of many rarer photographs of the Zero, spanning the duration of the Pacific War from Pearl Harbor until surrender.

Many wartime photos were taken by Japanese war correspondent, Hajime Yoshida, who was based at Rabaul and forward airfields at Lae, Buin and Ballale. Pages are devoted to the "Alaska Zero" the first largely intact Zero captured by the Americans, and the A6M3 Hamp wrecks of Buin Airfield that were restored and flight tested at Eagle Farm. Later war photos cover the Philippines, home defense and kamikaze usage of the Zero, and surrender markings.

The book contains excellent technical renderings of the various models of Zeros, indicating the changes to each model variant, including the A6M2-N "Rufe" and A6M2-K two seat trainer variant. Also, a section dealing with surviving Zero fighter on display in Japan and around the world. Reprinted in 2002.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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