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Pacific World War II Book Review  

by Hajime Yoshida
Kôjinsha  1969 & reprint
Soft cover
300 pages
ISBN: 4-7698-2085-5

Language: Japanese

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Samurai Zerosen Kisha kamera ga toraeta zerosentai hiwa
Samurai journalist following Zeros Secret stories about Zeros captured by a camera

[aka "SAMURAI ZERO-SEN Reporter"]
(Text in Japanese) This book is the diary of war correspondent, Hajime Yoshida. This book is his personal diary of wartime experiences, and includes many of his photographs.

Yoshida was previously covered China, before being sent to Rabaul. He recorded film footage with an "Imo" 16mm camera, and wrote reports for Nippon News about aviation.

Stationed at Rabaul, he documented fighter operations at the Rabaul area airfields: Lakunai and Vunakanau. He volunteered to visit forward airfields to follow news of the war, incldung Lae, Buka, Buin and Ballale.

He photographed and interacted with many famous pilots, including the aces of the Tainan Kokutai: Mukai, Ohno, Hayashi, Kondoh, Nishizawa. Also, the C.O. of the unit, Kozono befiended him.

Yoshida survived the war. The footage he recorded for Nippon News has since been purchased by NHK, which now owns their copyright. His photograph collection was donated to MARU.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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May 23, 2017

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