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Pacific World War II Book Review  
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by Dave Lotz
Arizona Museum  1998
Soft cover
103 pages
B&W photos, maps, timelines
ISBN: 1-892858-01-01-0
Cover Price: $14.95
Language: English

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World War II Remnants
Guam Northern Mariana Islands

A comprehensive look at the WWII sites and remains in the Mariana Islands. Detailed directions and information on accessibility are included for each site, as well as an overview of the Pacific war and timeline of the struggles in the Marianas. The location of each site is shown on a USGS topographic map and many photographs are included.

This author, Dave Lotz, is a retired Parks Administrator for Guam who helped establish the historic preservation program and the War in the Pacific Park on Guam. His extensive knowledge of these islands was put to good use in preparation for this book. I brought along a copy of this guide in the summer of 2005 while visiting the Marianas and used it extensively on Saipan, Guam, and Tinian. I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to the area, or those just wanting to know what WWII remnants still exist on these beautiful islands. It is difficult to find many sites on an island like Tinian that is now so overgrown, and most publications only tell of a few, easily accessible sites. This book does a great job of covering all the known sites. Although this edition was published in 1998, almost all the information is still appropriate with some minor alterations. As with so many historic areas, some of the remaining WWII sites are in danger of disappearing due to neglect and development. This book will help you find them before they are gone forever.

This book is out of print, but is available from the Arizona Memorial Museum Association online bookstore.

Review by Gary Boothe

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