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by Delmar D. Wiley
D. D. Wiley  1986

200 pages

Out of print
Language: English

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Wiley's Island
or, Island belong Wiley

This book is written by RM3c Delmar D. Wiley, the radio operator of TBF Avenger 00418, lost during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons. Lost on the mission, he was the sole survivor of his crew and drifted for weeks in his raft.

Making landfall on a small island off Buka Island, he survived with the help of local people.

Later, the entire crew of B-17F "My Lovin' Dove" 41-24450 landed by raft in the same area on February 25, 1943.

A PBY Catalina piloted by Robert B. Hays from VP-44, escorted by two PB4Y-1 Liberators from VB-101. The group in an outrigger was spotted by Hays, and he landed to rescue them, and then planned the rescue of the remaining men.

Review by Justin Taylan

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