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Pacific World War II Book Review  

by George Henry Johnston
HarperCollins Publishers  1984
163 pages

ISBN 0002173239

Language: English

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War Diary 1942

This book is the wartime diary of Author George Henry Johnston at Port Moresby. It records his daily notes about happenings, including Japanese air raids and movements of Australia and American forces. The diary is an interesting read, that begins in the darkest days of early 1942 when the Japanese dominated the skies and bombed Moresby daily at will, including the first recorded bombing mission:

"February 3, 1942 (Raid #1) Six Japanese flying boats bombed Port Moresby 3-3:30am, although no great damage was done this set the stage for the future living conditions in town. One man is KIA."

The book conveys the feelings of men on the ground who lament about their forgotten status, the "Mice of Moresby" and gripe about when supplies or when P-40 Kittyhawks to defend the town will arrive, dubbed 'Tommorrowhawks' or 'Neverhawks' by the men on the ground awaiting their appearance.

As time progresses, the diary records the changes in the tactical situation: first the arrival of P-40 Kittyhawks of 75 Squadron, that for the first time contest the air raids. Later, the arrival of American reinforcements.

The diary records a tally of air raids against Port Moresby, numbering each raid and providing a summary.

Although some details in the diary have proven to be incorrect with the hindsight of history, it is a compelling look into the day to day lives of men on the ground at Port Moresby.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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