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Superior Home Video  1996
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Sunken Secrets
The Legacy of Truk Lagoon

Truk Lagoon is one of the most fascinating locations in the Pacific. This video covers the WWII history that scattered war wrecks over the islands and sunken in the Lagoon when at dawn of February 17, 1944 US carrier aircraft attacked. This video includes interviews, dive footage and history of Truk Lagoon.

The video begins with an interview with Kiyoo Sato, a torpedo officer, who witness the American raid of February 17, 1944. Also, Hyogo Matsumoto, a gunner on the Fumitsuki. Other interviews include Yorktown pilots, recalling the raid from their old ship, today a museum at patriots point Charleston, SC. On the first day of the raids, carrier pilots from the Yorktown alone flew 220 sorties. And, that night TBF's conducted night time attacks with 500 lbs bombs and guided by radar. These twelve TBF's inflicted 20% of the raid's damage - an impressive contribution. The Japanese were under attack 24 hours a day.

In addition, interviews with Trukees Islanders provide the local perspective on events, including the February raid. Michael Marcus, of Moen clearly remembers the children running out outside - thinking all the noise was a big party, before being chased into cover by the Japanese.

Diving and Tourism
The war ended for Truk with surrender on September 2, 1945 surrender aboard Portland. Life after the attack slowly returned to normal, and residents never would have thought that the scars of war would become a coveted destination for SCUBA divers from around the world. The viewer joins Gradvin Aisek, of the Blue Lagoon Dive Shop for day and night dives of the lagoon.

Diving the Wrecks of Truk
The video includes superb underwater video and photography, of famous ships of Truk, and the oasis of sea life they have become. Included are the Fujikawa Maru bottles, holds, stores and torpedo hole. Also, Japanese submarine I-169 lifting cables, and the story of the tragedy that failed to rescue sailors trapped inside. Other wrecks explored include the Yamaguri Maru and aircraft wrecks.

Search for Taiho Maru
The final segment of the video accompanies Truk Lagoon researcher and author, Klaus Linermann and Canadian Side Scanning radar expert, Peter Fox search for the Taiho Maru. Located 13 years ago by Klaus, whose bow was obliterated by the force of the explosion that sunk the ship due to aviation fuel aboard.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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