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by Gary Nila, Robert Rolfe
Osprey Publishing  2006
48 pages
Index, photos
ISBN 1846031001
Cover Price: $15.95
Language: English

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Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces Uniforms & Equipment 1937-45
Uniforms and equipment 1937-45

This book covers the uniforms, equipment and history of the Japanese Special Naval Landing Force (SNLF), the Rikusentai. Authors Gary Nila and Robert Rolf create an excellent reference on this elite formation.

All SNLF units underwent extensive training in assault, beach defense, anti-aircraft, amphibious and infantry tactics. Certain units also trained as paratroopers, and were the only Navy units so prepared. They were the spearhead of Japan's assault landing operations in China and the assaults at the start of the Pacific War.

Nila's text is a comprehensive treatment of the history of the SNLF and descriptions of their uniforms, equipment, insignia and weapons. Included are breathtaking, never before published wartime photos.

The centerpiece of the book is Rolfe's extensive collection of original SNLF equipment. Photographed on real human models these stunning photos represent front and back of officers and enlisted men in each of the SNLF uniforms. Rolfe's collection includes rarities like their bullet proof vests, helmets and all equipment carried by the troops.

For anyone interested in the SNLF, this book is one of the only references available in english.

Interview with author Gary Nila

Review by  Justin Taylan

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