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by Dan King
Schiffer History  2004
144 pages
Index, photos
ISBN: 0764318810
Language: English

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Japanese Military Sake Cups
1894 - 1945

In the Japanese military, toasts with sake in special cups was part of military tradition: the consumption of ceremonial sake before a battle. For the outside world, the sake cup toast before a final suicide mission by a Japanese aviator is one image that dominates memory of the Pacific war.

King's book explores the history of these tiny but fascinating items of militaria. Lavishly illustrated with wartime photos, and incredible color photograph of the author's sake cup collection, documenting over 250+ cups.

As a reference book, this volume is a must for anyone with interest in this subject. In addition to sake cups, the book covers sake bottles, sake trays and other related commemorative items. This book is the only english language reference on the topic of Japanese military sake cups.

Author King started collecting sake cups in Japan in 1989 and found virtually no information available on them. The book presenting fascinating information on each item and relating them to the military units for which they were created. This book is an amazing visual reference, and a model for any book on militaria.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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