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by Denis & Peggy Warner
Nostrand Reinhold  1982
370 pages
Index, photos
ISBN 0442254180

Language: English

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The Sacred Warriors
Japan's Suicde Legions

This book has a fairly detailed account of the kamikaze strike against the USS St. Lo during the Battle off Samar on October 25, 1944.

Also, about the first official suicide attack, by Major Takada's Ki-45 Nick off Biak on page 63:
"From Sub Chaser No 699, men saw two more planes smaller than the first drop bombs on the beach.  One broke off and came in over the ships and was met with concentrated fire from all the sub chaser's guns. The little ship had never before fired so many rounds - 660 from the two 20mm and 280 from the twin mount 50 caliber machine gun. The plane turned away, headed due east for about a mile, and returned once more at greater speed.  There was a bigger target alongside the sub chaser - the destroyer USS Sampson, with Rear Admiral Willam M. Flechteler aboard and it appeared that the plane was headed straight for the ship. Many were firing when at high speed the plane came in fifty feet over the water towards the two ships."

Review by  Justin Taylan

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