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by Rene J. Francillon
Naval Institute Press  1987
570 pages
photos, diagrams
ISBN: 087021313X
Cover Price: $49.59
Language: English

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Japanese Aircraft of the Pacific War

Mitsubishi, Nakajima and Kawasai, just a few of the famous companies that went on to design and build some of the most famous aircraft of WWII. With over five hundred pages, this is the definitive book on Japanese WWII aircraft - a must reference book for any Pacific historian.

The book begins with a chapter with a brief history of the Japanese aircraft industry, beginning with early Japanese inventors and aviation pioneers. And, the pre & wartime histories of the famous Japanese companies. Also, a chapter about the complicated subject of Japanese aircraft designations. Fascinating and an integral parts of the story of Japanese aircraft are chapters on the history Japanese Naval Air Force, and Japanese Army Air Force.

The bulk of the book is composed of an aircraft profiles, organized by manufacturer. Each profile is provides a wealth of information on each aircraft, and each of its model variants. Want to find out the production of a type? Its listed - and, with each factory listed. Want to know exactly what armaments a plane could carry - listed. As are all the other standard aircraft measurements, and a summary profile the covers the life of the aircraft.

The book also includes Japanese special weapon projects - jets, experimental aircraft and types that never saw combat service, or factory production. The books appendixes detail Aircraft carrier, ships, and submarines that carried Navy aircraft, aero-engines, weapons, and designations & Allied code names.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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