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by Justin Taylan
Michael Claringbould
Pacific Ghosts  2002

video, maps, photos

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Pacific Ghosts CD-ROM
Pearl Harbor Half Century Retrospecitve

Pacific Ghosts presents unique and astonishing history. Our team has found and documented many intact survivors of the Pacific war. Resting in swamps and jungles, the relics are silent aerial machines which more than half a century ago fought each other in tropical skies. All have fascinating histories on how they fell, landed or were abandoned in their final resting place. Both American and Japanese aircraft are represented.

Nowadays they are isolated and difficult to find, for this is why they are still undisturbed. Not only has our team tracked down the previously-undiscovered remnants of there historic aircraft, always under dangerous conditions, but they have subsequently employed world experts to research and meticulously define each and every history.

You will not find such depth of aviation archaeology anywhere else. From the A-20 "Hell'n Pelican" that crashed landed after the 5th Air Forces infamous Black Sunday mission, to the wreckage of a Japanese Ki 43 Oscar from the Japanese Army's first and only raid against Guadalcanal, or the former P-38 Lightning of ace Richard E. Smith. "Pug" Southerland's F-4F Wildcat on Guadalcanal, victim of ace Saburo Sakai.

This CD ROM's color video, color slides, WWII photos, live commentaries and documented histories are all testament to this. Our team spent nearly two years trekking unexplored tropical jungles and swamps to bring you the breathtaking images and full histories of these historical wonders.

Interview with Michael Claringbould | Justin Taylan

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