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by Gary Nila
& Bill Younghusband (Illustrator)
Osprey Publishing  2002
Soft cover
64 pages
ISBN: 1841764655
Cover Price: $15.95
Language: English

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Japanese Naval Aviation
Uniforms and Equipment 1937-45

Although much is published on American and German uniforms and equipment, there are far fewer titles related to those of the Japanese written in English. Gary Nila's new book will be a title be a worthwhile addition to the bookshelf of historians, collectors and those interested in Japanese forces.

The book begins with a helpful references to Japanese numbering systems, kanji and other manufacturer related markings. Clearly and concisely written, with many photographs of each piece of equipment, patch and uniform used by the Imperial Navy. The book traces the influences of naval equipment, from early gear used during the war in China thru WWII. Every detail of each uniform - from headgear down to boots is covered.

The center section includes a beautiful color section, with photographs of models wearing the naval uniforms and flight gear described in the book. This section alone makes the book worthwhile - to see the details of each authentic uniform in clear, color photograph. Many of these uniforms are priceless in terms of their rarity and significance. For many readers, this will be the only place to see such clear photographs.

This is more than simply an identification book for uniforms. Nila adds historical information related to the uses of gear, as well as oral history from Japanese veterans about the utility of each item, and anecdotes about its use in flight and combat.

Like other Osprey titles, the book is amply illustrated with wartime photos, and detailed photos of uniforms and equipment from collections. This book is a worthy reference and historical text, that anyone interested in this topic will want to add to their library.

Interview with author Gary Nila

Review by  Justin Taylan

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