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by Dr. Peter Cahill
CopyRight Publishing  2012
352 pages
Index, photos
ISBN: 978-1876344962
Cover Price: A$38.50
Language: English

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Needed –  But Not Wanted
Chinese in Rabaul 1884-1960

Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, located within the rim of an active volcano, has been the scene of many triumphs and tragedies. In the steaming tropics, with rich volcanic soils and high-yield crops such as coconuts (copra) and tobacco, laboinur had to be imported; disease and difficult living conditions went with the job. Chinese were brought into New Guinea in large numbers only to die from sickness, and violence during the Japanese invasion of the Second World War. A major volcanic eruption in the 1990s destroyed the town and many of the records about its inhabitants. This is about an industrious people coping in arduous circumstances.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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May 23, 2017

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