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TMA Editions
TMA Editions  2000
Soft cover
80 pages
photos, maps, profiles

Language: French

75 rue Claude Decaen
Paris 75012
Tel: 01 43 47 35 16

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Les Alles Francaises 1939-1945
05 - L'aviation de Vichy (1e Partie)

This softcover book series is devoted to World War II aviation history, written in French. Each book covers a different era of French aviation.

Book 05 is the first part of the series coverage of the Vichy era of French history is still controversial in France today. Kudos to the authors for choosing to cover this fascinating topic, in one of the few books available on the subject.

The book covers Syria and Dakar. Pacific related subjects include:

Pages 44 - 52 covers the little known French Thai War of November 1940 - January 1941. Thailand had attacked Indochina (Vietnam) after the Japanese occupation, in an attempt to reclaim lost territories. French aircraft participated, including an interesting mix of aircraft including French, Japanese and even American NA-68 an H-75 flying in Vichy units during the conflict. The peace treaty was signed in Tokyo May 9, 1941.

Meticulously researched, each issue is rich with World War II photos, beautiful aircraft profiles, maps and charts. Each issue goes beyond the ordinary archives photos, working directly with veterans and artist to present new history and photography.

Contact the publisher, TMA Editions to order issues via Paypal or mail order. Also see Les Alles Francaises 1939-1945 - 06 - L'aviation de Vichy (2st Partie)

Review by  Justin Taylan

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