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by Yoji Watanabe
191 pages
photos, text in Japanese
ISBN: 416366730X
Cover Price:
Language: Japanese

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Japanese Naval Air Force In Action

Text in Japanese. This book is an exciting release, and contains many amazing, and never before published photos of Japanese Navy aircraft, operations and candid photos.

For enthusiasts of WWII Pacific history, we are used to seeing the same photographs of Japanese aircraft over and over again. This book contains hundreds of photographs that will be completely new to the reader.

Collected from veterans and sources inside Japan, the book will amaze the reader with images that have never or rarely been seen before.

The book is organized by airplane, covering nearly every type used by the Japanese Navy. Included are prewar biplanes, Claudes, Zero, and all the bombers, dive bombers, seaplanes and later war designs.

Just as impressive are the photos depicting aircrews, casual photos and details of markings, insignias and interiors of aircraft. Also, amazingly rare photos, like the the view from inside a Betty bomber looking downwards, as an Ohka falls away, prior to its rocket motors igniting.

The only draw back is that the book's captions are all in Japanese, and the book is not available directly in the United States. But, if you can get a copy, this volume will be an exciting addition to your collection.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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May 23, 2017

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