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by Tokurou Irie
Masu Shobo  January 5,1941
214 pages
ISBN: none

Language: Japanese

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Horonbail no arawashi
(The Wild Eagle of Horonbairu)

A memoir of 1,400 Nomonhan shooting down

This book details the Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF) aerial combat during the Nomonhan Incident. Horonbail is also known as Holombile and is a name for the plains in the Nomonhan area. The cover depicts 24th Sentai Ki-27 Nate (Type 96) parked at a forward airfield in Manchuria (Manchukuo).

The author, Tokurou Irie was a news correspondent. During the war for Asahi. During the 1970's he was the anchorman for TBS Evening News in Tokyo.

Table of contents:

1. The base of the grassy plain
 2. Decisive battle music
 3. The war buddy love of the wing
 4. The life; a second lieutenant
 5. A secret story of ? [name unknown]
 6. Captain evening primrose
 7. The shooting down of the occasion
 8. A fighter night tale
 9. The victim's blood of the aerial dogfight
 10. I bury an enemy corpse in the flower
 11. The wife of the fighter
 12. A wing of the fire
 13. The note of the pro-eagle

Thanks to Henry Sakaida, Minoru Kamada and Yoji Sakaida for additional information

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May 23, 2017

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