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by Dwight R. Rider
Bookstand Publishing  2013
370 pages
Index, photos
ISBN: 1618633848
Cover Price: $22.95
Language: English

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Hog Wild–1945
The True Story of How the Soviets Stole and Reverse-Engineered the American B-29 Bomber

The book begins with a forward by the author about how he became interested in this subject after reading the book "Japan's Secret War: Japan's Race against time to build its own atomic bomb while stationed in South Korea as a targeting intelligence specialist.

This book details the story of B-29 "Hog Wild" 44-70136 August 29, 1945 mission to drop humanitarian supplies to the Konan POW Camp near near Hungnam and Hamhung in present day North Korea. Over Korea, although the war with Japan had ended, this bomber was intercepted by Soviet Yak-3 fighter aircraft and force landed near Konan. The crew who all survived the crash landing and bailing out and were ironically reunited in Konan POW camp.

With the aid of relatives of the crew, archival research and annalists of published materials, author Rider provides a detailed history of this B-29, the crew, the mission and larger Geo-political drama that unfolded with their captivity and eventually their safe return. Truly, this book explores one of the most fascinating and largely unknown story is arguably the first incident between American aviators and Soviets forces in the Cold War.

Review by  Justin Taylan

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