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by Michael J. Freeman
Freeman Enterprises  1997

ISBN: 0965614042

Language: English

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Behind Enemy Lines

Wartime experiences of Michael Freeman, with the Navy in the South Pacific taking photos of crashed Japanese planes, sometimes behind enemy lines. This book is a self published account of Michael Freeman about his service with ATIU (Air Technical Intelligence Unit) that was charge with locating and examining downed enemy aircraft for analysis.

Mission To Choisel
This work took Freeman all over the south Pacific, notably, behind enemy lines onto Choiseul, on a 29 day mission to locate and identify crashed Japanese planes with the assistance of coastwatchers hidden on the island.  On this mission, the team had many harrowing experiences under the nose of thousands of enemy troops, but succeeded in locating a downed D4Y2 Judy, and later recovering it, the first captured example in theater.

Other Aircraft Wrecks
Freeman also participated in many other interesting missions, such as visiting a Betty wreck at Nuguria Atoll by PT Boat, and recovering another Betty from New Georgia, by native canoe and then landing barge. He also visited the north coast of New Guinea, surveying wrecks Japanese Army Air Force fighters at Alexishafen Airstrip.

Philippines & Beyond
His story continues with the landing at Leyte, and capturing kamikaze George aircraft from the waters off the fleet. Also, the Ohka, rocket powered suicide bomb, and the war in Leyte and Luzon.

The book is illustrated with many photos from his personal collection, of both aircraft wrecks and sites from his wartime experiences. The book is also a personal memoir of his overall wartime service.

Out of print, Freeman represents a wartime 'wreck hunter'. Since publication, the author has passed away. Do you have a copy of this book for sale / trade?

Review by  Justin Taylan

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