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by Kotaro Sato
Purejidentosha  1994
300 pages
Index, photos
ISBN: 4-8334-9006-4
Cover Price: 2000Y
Language: Japanese

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Ballale Naval Engineering Group
Barare Kaigun Setsueitai: Soromon koku kichi kensetsu no kiseki

Part 1: The Naval construction units
1. The Naval Construction units before the war
2. The establishment of Naval construction units
3. It's not easy, looking for unit commanders
4. August 1942: 18th construction unit prepares to leave Japan
5. Overview of construction units during the war
6. On the way to the South
7. Army airfield units

Part 2: The 18th construction unit in the Solomons
1.The situation in the Solomons
2. Preparations
3. Arrival at Palau
4. To Buin

Part 3: On Bougainville
1. Plans for the Buin Airfield
2. Landind at Buin and meeting a German missionary
3. Over 3,000 men build the Airfield
4. Attacked by bombers
5. Arrival of the Zeros and practice runs
6. Special airfield for attacks on Guadalcanal
7. Rear Admiral Goto

Part 4: Orders to attack Guadalcanal
1. The Army / Navy situation
2. From Truk to Guadalcanal
3. Anti-aircraft practice
4. Troops return to Buin

Part 5: Ballale Airfield
1. The plans for Ballale Airfield
2. A wonderous island
3. Ballale becomes a front-line air field
4. December 17, 1942

Part 6: Ballale at War
1. The situation in January 1943
2. The defence units
3. Ke-Go operation including Hayabusas
4. The evacuation of Guadalcanal
5. Ballale on fire
6. Malaria

Part 7: Fleet Admiral Yamamoto
1. The Shortlands
2. The I-GO operation
3. The united fleet
4. The Fleet Admiral shot down

Part 8: The enemy approaches
1. The rain of enemy shells
2. Delayed fuse bombs
3. The US fleet is coming
4. The Gekko night fighter
5. A Haiku of Natsume Soseki (propaganda)
6. August 1943 on Ballale

Part 9: The order to retreat
1. From Ballale to Kavieng September 1, 1943
5am ship, two days later to Rabaul. Sept 6 arrive Kavieng
2. The end of the war for the 18th construction unit at Kavieng
August 7, 1943 ordered to Japan
3. The end on Ballale

Part 10: The Japanese forces diary of the Solomons

Table of contents translation by Alfred Weinzierl

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