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by by Edwards Park
McGraw-Hill Professional  1997
Soft cover
224 pages
Index, photos
ISBN: 0075821257

Language: English

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Burbank's Books 1999 Edition

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Angels Twenty
A Young American Flier A Long Way From Home

Edward Parks flew in the South Pacific with the 35th Fighter Group, 41st Fighter Squadron, known as the "Flying Buzzsaws".

``The writing of the (aerial combat) sequences has a fascinating mix of fear and nonchalance.'' (Australian Book Review )

``A revealing portrait of how ordinary people were sucked into the vortex of war and how they responded to it.'' (Queensland Reveiw )

"The writing of the (aerial combat) sequences has a fascinating mix of fear and nonchalance." (Australian Book Review)

Also by Edwards Park: Nanette: Her Pilot's Love Story

Profile of author Edwards Park

Review by  Justin Taylan

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