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Japan Museums, Memorials & Displays
with Pacific War related collections or displays

Arashiyama Museum (Closed)
Battle of Okinawa Museum
Eta Jima
Hamamatsu-Minami Air Base
Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Museum
Kaiten Memorial Museum
Kakamigahara Aerospace Museum (Gifu)
Kanoya Museum
Kaseda City Peace Memorial
Kawaguchiko Car Museum / Harada Collection
Modern Transportation Museum
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Museum
Mutsu Memorial Museum
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Musuem
Nagoya Airport Aerospace Museum
Numazu Meiji Shiriyoukan (Numazu City Museum)
Okinawa Prefecture Museum
Peace Memorial Museum (Okinawa)
Peace Museum For Kamikaze Pilots
Peace Osaka
Shinden-Kai Exhibition Hall
Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum
Tokyo National Science Museum
Tokyo Maritime Science Museum
Tsuchira Tank Museum
Yamato Museum (Kure Maritime Museum)
Yamamoto Memorial Hall & Museum
Yasukuni Jinja (Yasukuni Shrine)
Yokohama Japanese Military Radio Museum
Yūshūkan (Yasukuni Museum 遊就館)

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