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ABRI Satria Mandala Museum
(Armed Forces Museum in South Jakarta)
Jalan Gatot Dubroto 14
Jakarta, Selantan, Java Indonesia

The museum is administrated by the Mabes TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces HQ) and has collections from the Indonesian Army, Navy, Air Force and the Police.

Aircraft displayed outdoors in coverd shelters, in Indonesian Air Force markings. Other non-WWII aircraft include: Well RI-X, PZL-104 Wilga (Gelatik), MiG-21, F-13, F-2164, AB-204 Huey, H-xxx, SA-75 Guideline anti-aircraft missile and its Swansong radar, Fairey Gannet AS.4, AS-00, Indonesian Navy, Mil Mi-4, Indonesian Army.

Bruce Fenstermaker adds:
"This museum contains photos and info on the armed forces and their initial history. The Willow was the plane the Indonesians were trained under the Japanese to fly during WWII and just before and after the independence. The AURI operated mostly willows and Oscars but also trained in the AT-16 (export version of the T-6)."

K5Y1 Willow Tail 62 TJ
Displayed under a pavilion

Mansyu Ki-79b
Displayed on a pedistal under a pavilion

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May 22, 2017

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