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    Vietnam (French Indochina)  

Vietnam was a French colony. Prior to the Pacific War, Cambodia was known as Indochina or Indo-China encompassing present day Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Wartime History
Indochina was controlled by the Vichy French government aligned with the Axis powers after the fall of France in 1940. On September 3, 1941 a military agreement signed by French Governor General Jean Decoux, allowed 25,000 Japanese troops the use of northern Indochina as a staging area into China, and the use of three airfield in Indochina. On September 26, 1941, Japanese forces arrived before the signing of the Axis Triple Pact, promoting the United States to enact an embargo against Japan. During the Pacific War, although never invaded by Allied forces, the country was subjected to aerial and naval attacks. 

After Japan's surrender in August 1945, the French returned to their former colony, but immediately faced warfare with the Communist Viet insurgency, that later led to the Vietnam War.

  Capital city of Vietnam with several wartime airfields
  Port city on the central coast
  City and wartime airfield
  City and wartime airfield
  Anchorage and seaplane base used by the Japanese Navy
  Borders eastern Vietnam
  Town and airfield
  Coastal city in north Vietnam borders Ha Long Bay

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