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    Espiritu Santo (Santo)  Vanuatu (New Hebrides)

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USAAF October 12, 1943

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RNZAF c1943

Espiritu Santo Island is the main Island in the New Hebridies (Vanuatu). Also known as "Santo" or "Santos". To the south is Segond Channel and Aore Isaland. During the Pacific War, code named "Buttons".

Espiritu Santo Airfields and Seaplane Bases
Lungaville Seaplane Base  located in Segond Channel with ramp and facilities at Belchif Point
Bomber 1 (Pallikulo Field, Fighter 1)  located near Lunganville at the southeastern corner of Espiritu Santo
Bomber 2 Airfield (Pekoa Field)  located near Lunganville at the southeastern corner of Espiritu Santo
Bomber 3 (Luganville Airfield)  located near Lunganville
Turtle Bay Airfield  near the eastern coast of Espiritu Santo

Lunganville (Santo)
Located at the southeastern corner of Espiritu Santo. Major American logistical base, port and dry dock area during the Pacific War. Today the second largest town in Vanuatu.

Camp Elrod
American Camp named in honor of Captain Henry T. Elrod, the first U. S. Marine who earned the Medal of Honor defending Wake Island. Built on a hill in the middle of a coconut grove.

Black GI's
at Espiritu Santo

African American units based on Espiritu Santo Island
U. S. Army, 54th Coastal Artillery, 2nd Battalion

PV-1 Ventura
Abandoned on the island

PBY-5 Catalina Bureau Number 2389
Pilot Smith crashed August 6, 1942 wreckage found 1994 remains recovered

TBF Avenger Bureau Number 6240
Pilot Esterl crashed August 22, 1943

SBD-5 Dauntless Bureau Number 35946
Pilot Phillips crashed November 10, 1943

SBD-4 Dauntless Serial Number NZ5037
Pilot Moore crashed February 11, 1944 recovered and displayed at RNZAF Museum

SNJ-4 Texan Bureau Number 7008
Pilot Crocker crashed March 25, 1944

PBJ-1D Mitchell Bureau Number 35087
Pilot Lallathin crashed April 22, 1944

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