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    Western Province  Solomon Islands

Western Province is the located at the northwest end of the Solomon Islands. To the northwest is Choiseul Province . To the west is "The Slot" and Isabel Province. To the southeast is Central Province. To the northwest is the international border with Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Bougainville Province (Autonomous Region of Bougainville). To the south and west is the Solomon Sea and the international border with Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Milne Bay Province.

 Georgia Island Group
 Large Island site of airfields and battles.
 July 9, 1943 US Army forces attacked
 Japanese built, battlefield repaired and used
 Hilltop overlooking Munda
 Located near Munda
 Island near Munda Point
 Small island near Munda
  Airfield built record time.
  Landing of the Northern Landing Force July 4-5, 1943
  Attacked by Marine Raiders July 10, 1943
  Located on the north coast includes the Dragon's Peninsula
  Anchorage on the north coast of New Georgia
  Located to the east of Bauroko and Bauroko Harbor
  Allied airfield and base on the southern tip
 Island to the south-east of New Georgia
  South-east New Georgia & Marovo Lagoon
 Dumped US Equipment
 borders New Georgia and Rendova
 Island Group
 Borders Roviana Lagoon and New Georgia to the north
 Island of New Georgia, across from Munda
 Island in Rendova Harbor, Todd City USN base
 Island in Rendova Harbor, PT Boat Base
 Island to the east of New Georgia
 Circular island north of New Georgia
 Located on the southeast corner of Kolombangara
 Located between New Georgia and Kolombangara
Vella Lavella
 Japanese base, liberated in August 1944
  Located on the southeast of Vella Lavella, Barakoma Airfield
  Small island to the southeast of Vella Lavella
Ozama Island
  Small island off Biloa and Barakoma southeast of Vella Lavella
  Island to the west of Vella Lavella
Turovilu Island
  Small island between Mbava and Vella Lavella
Vella Gulf
  Located between Vella Lavella, Ghizo and Kolombangara
Wilson Strait
  Located between Vella Lavella and Ranongga
  Town on Gizo and Ghizo Island
  Prewar town and major settlement o Ghizo
  Harbor off Gizo and Ghizo Island
  Small island off Ghizo with postwar airfield
  Island to the east of Ghizo.
 (Kennedy Island) Kennedy swam here following PT-109
  Located to the east of Ghizo Island
  Located between Ghizo, Kolombangara, Vonavona and Arundel
  Borders Arundel to the east
 Island Group (Treasury Islands)
 American Airfield
  Harbor between Mono and Stirling
  Large island north of Stirling Island
  Village on southern Mono, site of Allied landing
 Island Group
 Largest island in Shortland Group
 Village on eastern Shortland Island
 Village on eastern Shortland Island
 Village on eastern Shortland Island
  Island to the east of Shortland Island bordering Shortland Harbor
Coconut Island
  small island to the north of Faisi Island
  Located to the southeast of Shortland Island
  Small island inside Tuha Cannel
  Small island to the east of Shortland
Onua Island
  Small island to the east of Shortland Island
 Small island to the south of Bougainville
 Located at the southeastern corner of the Shortland Islands
  Bypassed Japanese Airfield
  Borders Tuha Channel and Shortland Harbor
  Located on Poporang Island
 Anchorage to the east of Shortland Island
 Located between Shortland and Poporang, used as a seaplane base
 Surrounded by Shortland Island used as a seaplane anchorage
 Island Group
 large island located to the east of the Shortlands
Asie Island
 located to the northwest of Fauro Island
Tomase Island
 small island northwestof Fauro Island
Benanna Island
 small island to the west of Fauro Island
Munia Island
 small island southeast of Fauro Island
Rofei Island
 small island southeast of Fauro Island
 located northwest of Fauro
 located west of Fauro
 located east of Fauro
 located east of Fauro

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