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    Tassafaronga Point (Areveu) Guadalcanal Solomon Islands

Tassafaronga Point is located on the north coast of Guadalcanal bordering Iron Bottom Sound. Also spelled "Tasivaronga". Areveu village is located at Tassafaronga Point. Located near Ruaniu (Bunani Point) and between Cape Esperence to the northwest and Point Cruz to the southeast.

Wartime History
Occupied by the Japanese and developed into a supply base for the Japanese in their offensives on Guadalcanal

Japanese Diversionary Landing
On August 17, 1942 Japanese successfully landed forces at this location, as a diversionary attack for the landing of Ichiki Foce further to the east.  In this landing, the 5th Sasebo SNLF landed a 200 man echelon, with four destroyers of the 30th Destroyer Division participating were: Oite, Uzuki, Mochizuki, Mutsuki.

The Battle of Tassafaronga
November 30, 1942 - In the early hours of the morning, eight destroyers, six with troops and supplies to reinforce Guadalcanal. Spotted and attacked American TF 67, that detected the convoy on radar but lost them due to proximity to the coast, the Japanese destroyers launched their torpedoes an enguaged them while supplies were unloaded. The battle is considered a strategical victory for the Americans, as the resupply mission was prevented. But four heavy cruisers was their losses for the disruption of only one resupply mission, and thus, it must be judged that it was a defeat strategically as well. U.S. forces never again would manage to assemble surface opposition to Japanese runs to Guadalcanal. Sunk was the Takanami. Damaged was the USS Minneapolis (CA-36), USS New Orleans (CA-32).

American Destroyer Bombardment
October 17, 1942 Two American destroyers bombard the area on although the damage in minor, it interupts Hyakutake's planned offensive, for days later.

Japanese Hospital
To the south are Hill 125 and Hill 126. To their sout is a deep ravine, this was th location of a Japanese Army field hospital. In early 1943, the US Army 147th Infantry Regiment overan it, and massacred everyone in it, including about 75 survivors from the sinking of the Kinugawa Maru.

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