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    Seahorse (Sea Horse) Guadalcanal Solomon Islands

Seahorse is located near the north coast of Guadalcanal. To the west is Gifu and further to the west is Galloping Horse area near Mount Austen. Nicknamed "Seahorse'" or "Sea Horse" due to the area's grass covered hill spine that from the air resembled a seahorse shape. The feature is made up of Hill 43 at the southern end (the head of the seahorse), and Hill 44 at the northern edge (the tail of the seahorse).

Wartime History
During January 8-11, 1943 Seahorse was assaulted by the U. S. Army 35th Division "Cacti" commanded by Colonel Robert B. McClure was tasked with capturing the area. The 3d Battalion, commanded by Lt. Col. William J. Mullen, Jr., was to advance southwest from Hill 27 at the Gifu and then swing north to seize Hills 43 and 44. Lt. Col. James B. Leer's 1st Battalion was to be initially in regimental reserve, following about a half day's march behind the 3d Battalion.

Hill 43
Hill located further to the south, located near the peak of seahorse.

Hill 44
Hill located further to the north of the seahorse.

Clean Sweep Area
American forces wiped out Japanese in caves in this area.

75mm Mountain Gun (Type 94) Serial Number 243
Abandoned at the battlefield

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January 8-11, 1943
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