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    Rice Anchorage Western Province Solomon Islands

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USMC July 5, 1943

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USMC July 11, 1943
Justin Taylan 2003

Small anchorage on the northern coast of New Georgia, to the east of Enogai and across from Kolombangara Island.

Wartime History
Landings by the "Northern Landing Force" by the Marine 1st Raider Battalion and US Army 145 and 148th Infantry during landings on July 4-5, 1943. Japanese did not anticipate a landing at this location as dense jungle and swamps separated this anchorage from Japanese positions to the west. To the west at Enogai, four 140mm Naval Guns fired at landing area, but the shots were too long.

After the battle at Enogai, three PBYs from VP-24 took off from Halavo Seaplane Base at 1505, landing at Rice Anchorage at 1645 on 11 July 1943. The comand pilots were Lt. R. F. Wadsworth, Lt (jg) R. B. Blodgett and Lt (jg) A.M.Caldwell. Thier mission was to evacuate wounded of the First Marine Raiders in the Rice Anchorage-Enogai Inlet Area on New Georgia, also survivors of the USS Strong DD-467. Airborne again at 17:15 to land at Enogai Inlet. Landed at 17:25. Wounded loaded aboard one plane at a time. While transfer was taking place at about 1820, came under fire from 2 or possibly 3 F1M2 Petes firing their machine guns and dropping one bomb. About 1845, the Petes withdrew. PBYs were airborne at 1855 and returned to Halavo Seaplane Base by 2105 where a total of 71 evacuees were offloaded.

Thanks to Jim Sawruk for additional information.

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