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    Lunga Point (Lunga River) Guadalcanal Province Solomon Islands

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USMC August 7, 1942

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USN 1945

Lunga Point is located on the north coast of Guadalcanal. The Lunga Point area is defined Lunga Point Airfield (Henderson Field) to the south, the Lunga River to the west, Red Beach, Lunga Point Anchorage and Iron Bottom Sound to the north, and Hell's Point and Tenaru to the east. Further to the west is Honiara.

Lunga Point was owned by Leaver Brothers and developed as a coconut palm plantation harvesting coconuts for copra.

Wartime History
During early July to August 6, 1942 the Lunga Point area was occupied by the Japanese and developed into a camp area to support the construction of nearby Lunga Point Airfield (Henderson Field).

On August 7, 1942 US Marines landed at Red Beach and occupied this area meeting little resistance. The Japanese defenders, mostly construction personnel fled the area, abandoning their camp.

During the Battle of Guadalcanal and during the base era, this area was further developed into a staging area and base, with proximity to cargo being unloaded at Lunga anchorage and the airfields. Among the units based there was the US Army 24th Infantry, 2nd Battalion (Negro) March 1 - August 6, 1943. The Lunga Point Anchorage was used as an anchorage for Navy vessels, small ships, landing craft and as a seaplane operating area.

After the war, during November 1945 this base area was demolished, with quonset huts bulldozed into pits.

Hell's Point
Located on the coast of Guadalcanal near Lunga Point. Used as an ammunition dump for American forces.

American Cemetery on Guadalcanal (Guadalcanal Cemetery)
After the war, all bodies where exhumed for burial elsewhere

Henderson Field (Lunga Point, Honiara)
Japanese built, expanded by Americans, Guadalcanal objective

Fighter 1 (Lunga Field, The Cow Pasture)
Fighter strip built near Henderson, today abandoned

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