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    Kamimbo Bay (Tambea Bay) Guadalcanal Province Solomon Islands

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Peter Flahavin 1996

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Kamimbo Bay is located on the northwest coast of Guadalcanal on the western side of Cape Esperence. Also know as Tambea Bay.

Wartime History
During the Guadalcanal campaign, the Japanese used Kamimbo Bay land reinforcements and supplies and as a collection point and base for Ko-hyoteki [Midget Submarine] operations. During the night of December 11-12, 1942, ninety-five crew from Teruzuki, including Commander Orita made it ashore at Kamimbo in life boats.

Around 1965, this area was developed by Olly Torling into the Tabea Resort.

Ewan Stevenson adds:
"I spoke with Olly Torling on occasions and when he first arrived at Tambea there was practically nothing [from the war]. Olly knew the area exceedingly well."

During the late 1990s, the resort was destroyed during the ethnic 'tensions' on Guadalcanal. Afterwards, only ruins remain. There is a wharf area for small boats that was possibly build during the wartime or prewar.

Japanese Memorial
Located at Tambea Beach resort. It was not destroyed during the tensions. The plaque reads in English: "Memorial Tower - The Guadalcanal war dead person in A.D. 1942. 2nd Division Isamu Society construction in A.D. 1985". A rusted 70mm mountain gun once was displayed near the memorial, but it had rusted away to almost nothing for neglect, sea salt or other damage.

A6M2 Zero
Ditched into the bay, recovered to shore in 1970s by locals

Japanese Midget Submarine Base
The Japanese established a mini submarine collection point at this location.

Ewan Stevenson adds:
"The only 'submarine base' was the midget submarine reception center that on Kamimbo Bay (Tambea) at Cape Esperance for Ko-hyoteki [Type A Midget Submarine] crews operating off Guadalcanal. It was not much of anything at all. The midget sub crews were evacuated by fleet submarine.

I-1 Japanese Submarine
Sunk during the night of January 29, 1943 by HMNZS Kiwi and HMNZS Moa

I-3 Japanese Submarine
Sunk by PT Boats on December 9, 1942 three miles off Kamimbo

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