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    Hill 80 (Hill 1) Guadalcanal Province Solomon Islands
USMC September 1942

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Justin Taylan 2003

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USAAF c1944

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Hill 80 is located at the southern end of the Bloody Ridge (Edson's Ridge) on Guadalcanal. This feature is surrounded by jungle on three sides and was nearest to the perimeter line from where the Japanese Army attacked. To the north is Hill 123 (Hill 2). When the U. S. Army occupied Guadalcanal, Hill 80 was renamed Hill 1 to simplify the numbering of hills.

Basilone Machine Gun Position
Located to the east of the Hill, this is the ridgeline where the 7th Marines defended. In this area, Sgt John Basilone earned the Medal of Honor.

New Zealand Army Quonset Hut
After the battle, during 1944 New Zealand Army troops were camped on this ridge. Their camp included quonset huts and tents. Today, one of these Quonset huts remains east of Hill 80.

Kawaguchi Brigade Memorial
Japanese memorial to Kawaguchi Brigade dedicated in 1993 atop Hill 80. Due to vandalism, during the early 2000s it was moved to WWII Memorial Park (Nana Police Barracks).

Japanese Memorial Tower
Japanese memorial erected in 1985 by the Japanese Army 2nd Division Isamu Society. The plaque reads in Japanese and English: "Memorial Tower: The Guadalcanal War Dead Person in A.D. 1942".

Barbed Wire Line & Pigtails
One of the few traces of the battle left to this day is a line of American barbed wire on 'pigtails' at the southern spur of the ridge, also the western side along the trail going down to the flats towards the river. One of the pigtails was salvaged around 2000, and was donated to the USMC Museum.

G4M1 Model 11 Betty Manufacture Number 1350
Crashed southeast of the ridge during 1943

Thanks to John Innes and Peter Flahavin for additional information

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