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    San Jose Nueva Ecija Province| Luzon Philippines

Lat 15° 31' 60N Long120° 47' 60E  Town located at the intersection of Highway 5 and Highway 8 to the south of Digdig.

Japanese Retreat Route
This town was the terminus of a railroad from Manila, that the Japanese were using to move troops northward into the mountains and Cagayan Valley for the defense of Luzon. Defended by the Japanese Army 10th Infantry Division that took up positions behind the city, not in front of it (toward American lines) as ordered. The headquarters of the 2nd Tank Division was located two miles north of San Jose on the highway, defended by 2 tanks, 2 infantry companies and 2 x 75mm guns.

Liberation of San Jose
While the battle of Munoz raged during early February 1945, two Infantry Regiments: 63rd Infantry Regiment and 1st Infantry Regiment attacked San Jose. The 63rd Infantry Regiment attacked on February 4th, after fighting small units south of the town. When they arrived, the town was already liberated by the 1st Infantry Regiment who setup a roadblock at the town facing Munoz.

US Army Base Area
Afterwards, the area was developed into a US Army base area and staging base for operations further to the north. One unit based at San Jose was the 165th Field Artillery Battalion.

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