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    Negros  Philippines

Negros Island to the south of the Visayan Sea, to the west of Cebu. Divided between two provinces and regions: Negros Occidental Province and Negros Oriental Province.

Wartime History
Occupied by the Japanese Army and developed into a major base area. Prior to the Leyte campagin, northwestern Negros was the most important base for the Japanese 18th Army commanded by Lt. General Takeshi Kono with 13,500 troops, the largest concentration in the Visayas. The Japanese used eight airfields on the island, most around Bacold. After the liberation of Leyte by American forces, the Japanese hoped to delay any American landing, but did not have the strength to hold the airfields, instead they defended from the rugged north-western mountain areas.

American Landings
On March 29, 1945 without pre-invasion bombardment to give the element of surprise to the Allied landing on western Negros, by the 40th Infantry Division, 503rd Parachute RCT and Filipino Guerillas. Their first objective was the Bago River bridge. A reinforced platoon landed ahead of the main force to prevent the Japanese from blowing this bridge, and allowed the Americans to advance toward Bacolod town.  As the main landing force advanced, they were only stopped by occasional defenses, liberating Bacolod and the coastal areas in a week. Then for six weeks the Japanese fought tenaciously in the north of the island, despite heavy air attacks and artillery. This resistance was finally overrun by late April, and remaining Japanese fled to the south with isolated battles until May, and defenses in the north until June 1945, and 6,000 Japanese survived the battle until the end of the war.  On April 26, 1945 the Americal Division made a landing on the south-east coast, and rapidly linked up with elements of the 40th Infantry division.  But, it took a month to neutralize the 1,300 Japanese in this area of the island.

Negros Oriental Province
includes the southeastern half of the island in the Central Visayas Region.

Negros Occidental Province
Province includes the northwestern half of Negros, located in the Western Visayas Region.

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