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    Mindanao  Philippines

Mindanao Island is the southernmost major island in the Philippines and the second largest island in the Philippine Archipelago.

Japanese Occupation
On April 29, 1942 a Japanese invasion force arrives in Cotabato Bay and lands Japanese Army forces that secure the island by May 9, 1942. U. S. Army Col. Wendell W. Fertig escaped Japanese captivity and organized a guerilla movement on the island, that was highly effective and had over 35,000 men at its height and were supplied by U. S. submarines. Their efforts restricted the Japanese to major cities and towns.

During 1944, American planners selected Cotabato Bay as the site of the first American landing in the Philippines, scheduled for December 20, 1944.

American Liberation
Japanese anticipated an American attack, and amassed many troops on the island.  Originally slated to be the first island liberated, the "Koga Papers" aboard the crashed H8K2 Emily that outlined Plan "Sho" or Plan "Z" and revealed Leyte was lightly defended and changed the invasion plan. Instead, Mindanao became the last island liberated during the Philippines campaign.

By April 1945, most of the troops had been reduced fighting in other campaigns.  Japanese 35th Army commander General Suzuki planned to defend the eastern part of the island, and holdout indefinitely with 43,000 troops. His troops were short of supplies and low on moral and faced effective guerilla resistance. Suzuki was killed in an air attack while he was traveling by boat from Cebu to Mindanao and was replaced by Lt. General Gyosaku Morozumi. 

  Region IX (Zamboanga, Western Mindanao)
Northern coast of Zamboanga peninsula
Zamboanga del Sur  
Southern coast of Zamboanga peninsula
Southern coast of Zamboanga Peninsula
Southern tip of Zamboanga along Basilan Strait
Isabela City  
Located on Basilan Island
  Region X (Northern Mindanao)
Province in Central Mindanao, Del Monte
Province in Central Mindanao
Lanao del Norte   
Province in Central Mindanao
Located on northern Mindanao's center
Misamis Occidental  
Province in Central Mindanao
Lanao del Norte  
Province in Central Mindanao
Island off the northern coast of Mindanao
  Region XI (Davao, Southern Mindanao)
Davao Oriental  
Located in the south-east corner of the island
Port city and harbor on south-east coast
South-east corner Mindano, includes Davao City
Compostela Valley  
Located in the south-east corner of the island
South-east corner Mindano, includes Davao City
Central Mindano Province
Located on the south coast of Mindano
South Cotabato  
Central Mindano Province
Sultan Kudarat  
Central Mindano Province
  Region XIII (Caraga)
Butuan Bay and Butuan
Agusan Del Sur  
Province in north-eastern Mindanao
Surigao Del Norte  
Province in north-eastern Mindanao
Surigao Del Sur  
Province in north-eastern Mindanao
Dinagat Islands  
Province in north-eastern Mindanao
  Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindano
Lanao del Sur Province  
Southwestern coast of Mindano
Located in south-western coast of Mindano
Includes Basilan Island
Includes the Sulu Islands
Includes the Tawi-Tawi Islands

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