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    Bataan Province Luzon Philippines

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JAAF 1942

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Justin Taylan 2005

The Bataan Province is located in Luzon in the Philippines. Includes the Bataan Peninsula bordering Manila Bay to the south and South China Sea to the west.

Wartime History
The Bataan Peninsula became the American and Filipino defensive line after Japanese landings on Luzon. On December 24, 1941 General MacArthur and President Manuel Quezon were evacuated to Bataan. American units withdrew to Bataan to continue their defense for months. On April 8, 1942 the Bataan peninsula was surrendered to the Japanese by Major General Edward P. King, ending the defense of Bataan.

During the Bataan Death March, roughly 78,000 American and Filipino prisoners were marched 100+ kilometers along roads before reaching San Fernando where they were loaded aboard crowded rail road cars and transported to Camp O'Donnell (Capas) where they were detained as Prisoners Of War (POWs).

Occupied by the Japanese during 1942. During early 1945, bombed and strafed by American aircraft prior to the liberation.

American missions against Bataan Peninsula
January 18 - February 20, 1945

On January 29, 1945 roughly 35,000 U. S. Army troops landed to the northwest of the Batann Peninsula which was liberated by February 21, 1945.

Bataan Peninsula  borders Manila Bay and the South China Sea
Orani  located at the northeast tip of Bataan Peninsula and Orani Airfield.
Limay  located midway along the eastern coast of the Bataan Peninsula.
Balanga  located on the Bataan Peninsula, site of King's surrender for Japanese propaganda.
Abucay  located on the Bataan Peninsula, Abucay battle line during January 1942.
Pilar  located on the Bataan Peninsula, Pilar Airfield and Mount Samat National Shrine.
Lucanin  located on the southeast coast of the Bataan Peninsula.
Cabcaben  located at the southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula, Cabcaben Airfield
Mariveles  located at the southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula, Mariveles Airfield and Wainright surrender site.
Mount Mariveles (Mariveles Mountain)  located in the Cogon Tarak Ridge on the Bataan Peninsula.

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