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    Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)  

Northern half of the Korean Peninsula. Borders Republic of Korea (South Korea) to the south and China to the north. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea.

Japanese Occupation
Following the Kangwha Island Incident of 1875, Japan dislodged the Chinese Qing Dynasty forces from the Korean Peninsula. After the 1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War Japan issued the Eulsa Treaty in 1905 declaring the Korean peninsula as a Japanese protectorate.

On August 22, 1910 the Japan–Korea Annexation Treaty officially annexed the Korean Peninsula. During 1937, Governor-General, General Jirō Minami, banned Korean language, literature, and culture. Cities and towns were given Japanese names. In 1939, Koreans were required to use Japanese names under the Sōshi-kaimei policy.

Pacific War
During the Sino-Japanese War and Pacific War, Japanese utilized Korean laborers and natural resources for their war effort. In 1938, the Colonial Government established labor conscription. In total roughly 2.6 million Koreans labored for the Japanese and 723,000 worked for Japanese outside the Korean peninsula.

In opposition, Korean communists led by Kim Il-sung fought against the Japanese in Korea and Manchuria. During July-August 1945, American aircraft bombed targets on the Korean Peninsula and offshore shipping.

On August 9, 1945 the Soviet Union declared war on Japan. Soviet forces attacked from Primorsky Krai Province (Maritime Province) and occupied the northern part of the Korean peninsula. On August 26, 1945 Soviet forces hauled their advance at the 38th Parallel at roughly the center of the Korean peninsula and waited for three weeks for the arrival of American forces advancing from South Korea.

    P'yŏngyang Chikhalsi
  Capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
    North P'yŏngan Province (Phyeonganpukto)
  Capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
    South P'yŏngan Province (Phyeonganpukto)
    North Hwanghae Province (Hwanghaipukto)
    South Hwanghae Province (Hwanghainamto)
    Chagang Province (Jakangto)
    Kangwŏn Province (Kangweonto)
  Port city and naval base in southeastern North Korea
    Ryanggang Province (Ryangkangto)
    South P'yŏngan Province (Phyeonganpukto)
    North Hamgyŏng Province (Hamgyŏng-pukto)
  Port city on the northeastern tip of North Korea
    South Hamgyŏng Province (Hamkyeongnamto)
  Large reservoir area in central North Korea
  Large reservoir area in central North Korea
  Located to the south of Chosin Reservoir
  Large reservoir area in central North Korea
  Port city and third largest city in North Korea
  City in northeastern Korea

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