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    Laos (French Protectorate of Laos)  

Laos borders Myanmar (Burma) to the west, Thailand to the south, Vietnam to the east and Yunnan Province in China to the north.

Prewar, Laos was a French colony known as Indochina or Indo-China encompassing present day Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Previously known as the Kingdom of Lan Xang. During 1893–1946 Laos was a French colony known as the French Protectorate of Laos and was part of French Indochina or Indo-China encompassing present day Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Wartime History
Occupied by the Japanese Army until the spring of 1945.

During 1946 granted self-rule within the French Union.

Vientiane (Viang chan)
Capital and largest city of Laos, located on the bank of the Mekong River near the border with Thailand. Also known as Viangchan or Wiangchan. During World War II, Viangchan was occupied with little resistance by the Japanese Army under the command of Sako Masanori. On March 9, 1945 French paratroopers arrived, and reoccupied the city on April 24, 1945.

Luang Prabang
Located in central Laos in Louangphabang Province.

Savannakhet (Khanthabouli, Kaysone Phomvihane)
Located in western Laos, capital of Savannakhet Province, previously known as Khanthabouli.

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