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Wartime History
Japan was at war with China during the Sino Japanese War and Second Sino Japanese War and engaged in the Pacific War during 1941-1945. During 1944-1945, Japan was heavily bombed by American aircraft including B-29 Superfortresses and other Allied carrier and land based aircraft.

In 1951 under the terms of the San Francisco Peace Treaty Japan gave up sovereignty of the Kurile Islands (Kuril) to the Soviet Union.

Japanese Island
Honshū Island  main and is the largest central island of Japan
Kyushu Island  located in southern Japan
Bonin Islands (Ogasawara Islands)  includes Father Island Group, Mother Island Group and Volcano Island
Chi Chi Jima (Father Island Ogasawara)  located in the Bonin Islands
Haha Jima (Mother Island)  located in the Bonin Islans
North Iwo Jima (Kita Iwo Jima, Kita-Ioto)  located to the north of Iwo Jima
Iwo Jima (Iwo To)  located in the Volcano Island chain

Japan Prefectures / Subprefecture
Ogasawara Subprefecture  includes the Bonin Islands (Ogasawara Islands)


  Site of the last major land battle of the Pacific War
  Island off the northern tip of Okinawa
  Small island off Okinawa with an airfield location
Amami Islands 
 (Amami Guntō)
  Largest island in the Amami Island Group
  Island in the Amami Island Group
  Island in the Amami Island Group
  Island in the Amami Island Group
 Island Group
  Island group to the west of Okinawa
  Borders Kerama Anchorage
  Borders Kerama Anchorage
  Site of the massive American landing.
  Includes the Bonin Islands, Father Islands, Mother Islands, Volcano Islands
  Marcus Island, eastern most island of Japan
 A6M5a Zeke on display at airbase
 Jake on display at Gifu airbase museum
 Yamamoto Museum
 A6M3 Zeke at Airport Aerospace Museum


 Airfields, Memorials, museum and aircraft on display

Tokyo Bay

 Located off Tokyo


 City to the east of Tokyo

Chiba Prefecture

 Located on Bōsō peninsula includes Chiba City

Chiba City

 Chiba City is the capital of Chiba Prefecture
 Includes Towada
 Includes Yokohama, Yokosuka


 Port city south of Tokyo


 Naval yard and major Air Base


 Naval yard and major Air Base
  Former location of the Arashyama Museum
  Imperial Iron and Steel Works
  Southeast of Hiroshima


 Airfields and war relics in the area.
 Target of the first atomic bomb
 Island offshore Hiroshima, Japanese Naval Academy
 Northern Island of Japan
 Several Japanese and a P-63 wreck
 island divided into seven prefectures
 Kasedo Peace Museum and Kagoshima Kanoya
 Peace Memorial to "Special Attack Corps"
 Peace Museum For "Special Attack Corps"
 Ki 27 on display at Tachiarai Aviation Museum
 western portion of Kyūshū
 Target of second atomic bomb, August 9, 1945
Hyogo Prefecture
 Includes Awaji Island
 Located between Kyushu and Shikoku connects the Pacific and Inland Sea
 Seporates Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku
 island to the south of Honshū and east of the island of Kyūshū
  A6M at Masakari Kaigan
  Coastal city
  Airbase and former JAAF bomber training base
  City to the west of Osaka
  City to the west of Osaka

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