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    Omori POW Camp Tokyo Metropolis | Honshū Japan

Omori POW Camp was constructed on a man-made island to isolate prisoners. Located off Tokyo, Omori-ku, Iriarai-machi in Japan. Also known as "Omori Headquarters Camp" or "Tokyo Base Camp #1" or "Tokyo Main Camp".

Omori Camp was built on a man made island. The camp was built by labor from Shinagawa Camp, completed by July 20, 1943.

Wartime History
Operated by the Japanese as a POW Camp for Allied prisoners of war. Known to the Japanese as Tokyo Base Camp #1, Tokyo Main Camp (Omori) or Nippon Tsuun. Also known as Omori prisoner camp. After Japan's surrender the Omori was liberated in September 1945.

American Prisoners of War (POW) interred at Omori Camp
2nd Lt. Jack K. Wisener, bombardier B-17F "Georgia Peach 41-24454 crashed June 13, 1943 arrived late 1943, liberated
Major Williston M. Cox pilot B-25D 41-30118 ditched August 5, 1943, liberated
SSgt Francis L. Mc Eowen gunner B-25C 42-53354 crashed September 11, 1943, liberated
Lt(jg) Charles V. August pilot F6F Hellcat 71441 force landed January 4, 1945, liberated
Louis Zamperini bombardier B-24D "Green Hornet" 41-24212 from Ofuna September 1944 until February 1945
Lodovici tail gunner B-29 "Haley's Comet" 42-24616 crashed January 27. 1945
LCDR David Albert Hurt captain USS Perch SS-176 captured March 1, 1942 iberated

References - Omori - Tokyo Base Camp #1

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